Cracker Barrel

The restaurant chain found itself on the growing list of companies targeted by conservative cancel culture.
Fans of the comfort-style chain bashed the company on social media over its new plant-based offering.
Never wonder what to serve for a festive brunch again.
The restaurant chain said it would not host an event by a Tennessee pastor who made death threats against gays.
Johnny, the new one is titled Lynyrd Skynyrd Live In Jacksonville. Using the old term f there's really such thing as a blast from the past, this would be it, right?
Taking my 70-year-old-plus in-laws on a 1,800-mile, seven-day road trip had potential relationship calamity written all over it.
While we know how much insurers and oil and gas companies dole out to political campaigns and lobbyists, we don't have a clue how much of their cash is used to establish front groups or how much of it winds up in the pockets of either pundits for hire or tax-exempt organizations that do their bidding.