Fat Shaming

Richard Curtis was previously criticized for the lack of same-sex relationships and racial diversity in his films.
Osbourne, who gave birth to her son earlier this year, explained why she “hid” for nine months when a follower asked if she had used a surrogate.
Plus-size characters, when present at all, have typically been portrayed in the franchise as grotesque and slovenly aliens.
The talk show host spoke about her shocking middle-school experience and how it still affects her to this day.
Anti-fat bias is prevalent throughout our society, from how we think about food and exercise to the words we say.
The Fox Super Bowl host's "disgraceful" references to Reid's size led a major publication to call for his dismissal.
Spears drew backlash for an Instagram post claiming the only way to “look thin” is to “hang out with fat people.”
"Earlier this month, when one of my TikTok videos racked up over 1 million views in a matter of days, I was unprepared."
"More than 60% of U.S. women are considered plus-size, or 'fat,' individuals, yet when I’m looking at the promotional media... of these businesses, I don't see even a hint of body diversity."