jenna bush hager

The “Today” co-host went into vivid detail about the type of guy that makes her “dehydrated” with lustful thirst.
Fans have speculated about the pair's status as a couple since Jackson publicly criticized the "Nope" actor in July.
Jenna Bush Hager couldn’t help but let out a big “disagree!” after Kotb made her preference clear.
The "Today" co-host remembered having "several cocktails" before popping the question.
The "Today" show host said her kids are getting "nowhere close to microphones" when they visit her at work.
The two “Today” co-hosts got brutally honest on air about the way Bush Hager handled Kotb’s daughter getting sick.
The former first lady apparently made some very outdated remarks ahead of Jenna Bush Hager's big day in 2008.
The talk show host spoke about her shocking middle-school experience and how it still affects her to this day.
"OK, goodbye!" her mom exclaimed after the 9-year-old dropped a major "truth bomb" on the "Today" show.
The daughter of former President George W. Bush said she had "faith that our country will be better" after Wednesday's Capitol Hill siege.