CNN Torches Rupert Murdoch With Sickening Supercut Of Fox News At Its Worst

Host Abby Phillip gave the outgoing right-wing media mogul a scathing send-off.

CNN’s Abby Phillip gave longtime Fox boss Rupert Murdoch a fitting send-off by airing an extended supercut of the right-wing network’s lowest moments.

“His legacy is outrage porn: partisan red meat stoking relentless culture wars,” she said of Murdoch, who on Thursday announced that he was stepping down as chair of Fox Corp. and News Corp.

She said Fox News began as what was arguably a “noble vision” of a center-right news network with views from outside the media bubbles of New York and Washington.

“But instead, stoking division seemed to become Murdoch’s mission,” she said. “So did power, and so did the money.”

The network became a “mouthpiece” for Republican administrations and former President Donald Trump and then “a vehicle for his baseless conspiracies,” Phillip said.

She offered a “small taste” of what Fox News is really like, then played nearly 6 minutes of the network at its worst. The clips showed racism, sexism and xenophobia as well as misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic and disinformation about the 2020 election.

That latter category led to the network settling a defamation lawsuit for $787 million, with additional legal actions still pending.

See Phillip’s full segment below:

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