Fox News Viewers Aren't Happy Brian Kilmeade Is Hosting Tucker Carlson's Show Tonight

After the Fox News host announced he'd be hosting in the recently departed Carlson's time slot, fans went into a mega-tizzy.

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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade found out firsthand how some people feel about the network’s decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson on Monday afternoon.

After announcing Carlson’s departure, Fox News said that his time slot would be hosted by various Fox News personalities until the former host’s replacement is named.

Kilmeade was apparently the first person to step into Carlson’s shoes, and he gamely announced he would be hosting Monday’s show to his Twitter followers: “Join me tonight at 8 p.m.”

It was a simple message, and Kilmeade probably figured that since he was tweeting it to his followers that maybe they’d be ... OK with it? Maybe a little?

Wrong. It looks like Kilmeade’s post sent Carlson’s right-wing fans into a mega-tizzy.

Fox News announced Monday morning that Carlson had agreed to part ways with the network.

The Wall Street Journal reported that he only found out about the job change 10 minutes before the announcement.

Although some people speculated that Carlson’s exit was due to the massive payout the network has agreed to pay Dominion Voting Services, the Los Angeles Times reported that the decision to part ways with Carlson was Rupert Murdoch’s alone.

The decision seems less tied to the Dominion suit and more to a lawsuit recently filed by Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News producer who accuses the network of making her a scapegoat for the network’s 2020 election coverage, according to NBC News.

Kilmeade addressed his appearance in Carlson’s time slot by saying they were “great friends” and wishing him the best.

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