Charles Barkley On Donald Trump Supporters: ‘They’re Crazy’

“They’re like your drunk friend,” Barkley said on his CNN show. “Like, once your friend’s drunk, there’s nothing you can say to him.”

NBA star and sports commentator Charles Barkley didn’t mince words when describing supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“They’re crazy,” Barkley said Wednesday on his CNN show “King Charles.” “They’re like your drunk friend. Like, once your friend’s drunk, there’s nothing you can say to him.”

Barkley spoke to co-host Gayle King about the 2024 presidential election that will likely see Trump go up against President Joe Biden.

“I’m not a big Trump fan. I’m just not,” Barkley said. “Because, like I say, it’s the president of the United States. It ain’t for no small little group of nutty people.”

King responded, “His supporters would object to you calling them nutty people, though.”

Barkley said, “Well, I only call them that because they are.”

While the NBA Hall of Famer said he believes Trump is “not even presidential,” he described Biden as “too old to be president.”

He said of Biden, “I don’t want an 85-year-old driving a car, let alone running the country.”

Biden is actually 81 years old, and Trump is 77.

In October, Barkley said he didn’t feel good about a rematch between the two leading candidates.

“I don’t feel good about a rematch,” Barkley said in an episode of “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?”

“No. 1, I don’t think President Trump represents a statesman, civility, things like that,” he added. “And I think President Biden is too old. I don’t feel really good about either one of them.”

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