Here Are The Gross Things Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen Drank Instead Of Booze

The two were given "mystery beverages" instead of the usual alcoholic drinks during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage.

CNN made at least one major change to its New Year’s Eve coverage, banning its hosts from drinking alcohol on-air, a practice that led to some viral moments as previous celebrations went a little off the rails.

The network tried to make up for it with a different kind of on-air drinking game for New York hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

They were given alcohol-free mystery shots and asked to guess what it was ― and the answers had Cooper, Cohen and viewers alike all gagging.

In the video above, the two sampled pickle juice. Below, they knock back shots of buttermilk:

“Socks? Shoes?” Cooper guessed after trying apple cider vinegar.

“I need tequila,” Cohen cried out:

Prior to the show, Cohen vowed to make it fun despite the booze ban.

“We aren’t drinking, but we’re going to have a BLAST,” he told Page Six.

His reaction on-air suggests some parts of the show might have been less of a blast than others.

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