People Are Very Puzzled By Eric Trump’s ‘Pathetic' Second Gentleman Tweet

"That’s so cute!!! You thought you did something!" one critic sneered at ex-President Donald Trump's son.

Eric Trump tried to make some kind of point on Thursday when he shared a tweet about unsubscribing from the email list of Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ex-President Donald Trump’s son shared what appeared to be a screenshot showing a successful unsubscribe. Checked was a box explaining it was because “the emails are inappropriate.”

“Second Gentleman” — the formal moniker for Emhoff — was underlined.

Trump captioned his post with the #unsubscribe hashtag.

The provenance of the photo is unknown.

But critics quickly took the ex-president’s scion to task, with many of them just very, very puzzled:

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