Jerry Springer Might Go To Trump Tower To Find His Next TV Guests

"This man is totally incompetent to be president. He’s better on TV than I am."

Former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer says he knows where to find the next guests for his reality TV show: Trump Tower.

“The Jerry Springer Show” host condemned comments Donald Trump made in a tape from 2005 that surfaced Friday about groping women. But Springer said in an interview on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday that the GOP presidential nominee “is who he is and we should’ve known that.”

“People are always asking me where do you find the guests on your show and well my answer now is at the Trump Tower, that’s where you find them,” Springer said.

Journalist Joy Reid pressed Springer on why the leaking of this particular tape was “so much more incendiary for Republicans,” compared to Trump’s past vulgar and derogatory comments.

“I don’t think these are just words,” Springer replied. “In this tape, he is not just using bad language or insults. In this tape, he is describing what he does. This suddenly becomes action, not just words. And this is what took it over the line.”

Springer, an outspoken supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, added that what Trump said isn’t locker room banter. “This is admitting on tape what you do to women,” Springer said.

Even if the tape wasn’t released, Trump “has no business being president of the United States,” Springer said.

“He’s never run anything that has to do with delivering social services,” he added. This man is totally incompetent to be president. He’s better on TV than I am.”

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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