Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Lara Trump In Most Epic Way With 'Brutally Honest' Opinions

The former president's daughter-in-law gets put to the test — and comes up more than a little short.

Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night noted that Taylor Swift isn’t the only recording artist with some new tunes out.

Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, also released a song recently ― one Kimmel previously said proves that “autotune doesn’t work on everybody.”

Kimmel admitted during his monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” he might be a little biased when it comes to Lara Trump, who he dismissed as “Taylor Not-Too-Swift.” So he had his team set up at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, where they claimed the song was a leaked track from a major artist and asked for “brutally honest” reviews.

Turns out Kimmel wasn’t alone in his opinion:

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