Lauren Boebert Cooks Up Bonkers New Excuse For Bailing On Her District

The far-right lawmaker explained why she's hightailing it to a safer seat in this year's election.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) knows who to blame for her decision to ditch her own constituents and run in a different district in the upcoming election: Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds.

“Hollywood is trying to buy their way into Congress,” the conspiracy theorist and “Beetlejuice” fan told right-wing podcaster and former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show Saturday.

Boebert barely won reelection in 2022, defeating Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by 546 votes in a race virtually no one expected to be close. Rather than face Frisch again, Boebert said last week she’ll run in a neighboring district instead.

Frisch has so far raised $7.7 million, compared to Boebert’s $2.4 million ― a difference she attributed to Deadpool and pals.

“It’s coming from Hollywood when you have Barbra Streisand coming in and donating to the Democrat, when you have Ryan Reynolds coming in and donating to the Democrat,” she told Bannon.

The two Hollywood stars named by Boebert combined for about 0.03 percent of Frisch’s haul: FEC records show Reynolds contributed $1,500 in 2023, while Streisand contributed $1,000.

“We have to shut down the Hollywood elites who are trying to buy my current district,” Boebert declared.

Rather than stay and do that herself, however, Boebert will run for the seat currently occupied by outgoing Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), who is not seeking reelection.

That district is widely believed to be a safer Republican seat.

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