Fox News Host Spouts Anti-Trans God-Replacement Theory On Easter

Lisa Boothe's blather on "The Big Weekend Show" got critics riled up.

Fox News panelist Lisa Boothe said the recognition of the International Transgender Day of Visibility this past Sunday was part of a scheme to overthrow the Almighty. (Watch the video below.)

Boothe, a channel contributor who was co-hosting “The Big Weekend Show,” joined a chorus of right-wing objections to the event being observed ― as it has been since 2009 ― on March 31. This year, it happened to fall on Easter.

The show’s leading segment noted that Secretary of State Antony Blinken proclaimed that the U.S. “recognizes the achievements and progress that trans persons have made in the global struggle for equality,” and mentioned that NBC also posted a nod to the trans community. Then Boothe went all in on her curious theory.

“This is a clear effort and a coordinated effort to remove God from our society and to replace God with false gods, and in this instance it’s the trans community,” she said. “They clearly want us to bow at the altar of the trans community instead of bow to God.”

The conservative news channel has turned up its preachiness of late. Guest host Kellyanne Conway recently accused the left of omitting the word “prayers” when offering “thoughts and prayers,” and accused liberal white people of going jogging on Sunday instead of going to church. Fox News hosts previously led viewers in a sponsored Christian prayer during a broadcast.

Critics on X, the former Twitter, went after Boothe for her remarks.

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