Piers Morgan Drops Shockingly Accurate Take On Shootings In Fox News Pushback

The British news personality checked Jesse Watters over his remarks about gun control during an appearance on “The Five.”

Piers Morgan, known for being a provocateur with a history of controversial remarks, cooked up a surprising response to Fox News host Jesse Watters over his take following the shootings in Maine this week.

Morgan, who appeared as a guest on “The Five” Thursday, reacted to Watters after questioning whether “forks make people fat” in a wild argument against gun control.

“Guns don’t kill people,” Watters declared after asking about forks.

“They do. Guns do kill people,” replied Morgan, a longtime proponent for stricter gun legislation who ended his CNN run with a call for more gun control.

Morgan’s comments arrive in the wake of shootings in Lewiston, Maine, where officials say a U.S. Army reservist killed 18 people and injured 13 more at a bowling alley and bar.

The back-and-forth between Morgan and Watters arrived after the Fox News host claimed America has guns because of the U.K., while the British news personality asked if the U.S. would treat guns like Kinder Surprise eggs.

Earlier in the program, Morgan noted that hardly anyone has guns in the United Kingdom and pointed to the difference in the amount of mass shootings in Britain compared to America.

“You’ve had god knows how many this year alone, and it just goes on. It’s kind of ‘Groundhog Day,’” said Morgan, adding that at “some point,” the country has to respond more than they have been to the shootings.

He went on to caution about using the word “control” when it comes to guns, claiming people will “think instinctively federal government control and it alienates any chance of any compromise.”

Morgan added, “Gun safety is the way this should be debated. How do you make it safer? How do you stop these loopholes, these guys slipping through the net? This is obviously a catastrophic failure.”

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