Ryan Reynolds Trolls Taylor Swift And Blake Lively With Hilarious Photo Edit

The "Deadpool" actor once again proved he’s the funniest person on the internet.

Ryan Reynolds didn’t attend the London premiere of “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” last week, but he found a cheeky way to partake in the evening’s starry festivities nonetheless.

On Sunday, Reynolds shared a photo of his wife, Blake Lively, at the “Renaissance” after-party with her pal Taylor Swift ― but edited that image so that his and Travis Kelce’s faces appeared on the two women’s bodies.

“I feel like I should remember this,” the “Deadpool” actor quipped in the caption before uploading it to his Instagram Stories.

Watch a report on the hilarious photo by the New York Post’s Page Six below.

The original photo ― of Lively and Swift, that is ― was shared Saturday by Swift on Instagram as part of a series of images showing her celebrating the release of the “Renaissance” movie.

“Got invited to London by The Queen…,” she wrote in the accompanying caption ― referring, of course, to Beyoncé.

Lively and Swift are longtime pals. The “Gossip Girl” actor and Reynolds recently appeared at a Kansas City Chiefs game at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, where Swift was cheering on Kelce, a tight end for the team.

Of course, Reynolds’ comically edited photo (which was originally created by Instagram user @karthiknjartist) was a playful wink at the media frenzy that erupted when Kelce and Swift first confirmed their romance in October.

As for “Renaissance,” the new documentary is a stunning compilation of live performances from Beyoncé’s latest tour and black-and-white, behind-the-scenes clips taken in the rehearsal studio and on the road.

The movie ― which was written, directed and produced by Beyoncé ― has been compared favorably to Madonna’s pioneering 1991 doc, “Truth or Dare,” and was this weekend’s top-grossing film.

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