Seth Meyers Highlights Creepy Twist In Trump's 'Windmill Obsession'

Trump is trying to draw the nation's focus from his many criminal investigations to "dead bird cemeteries," Meyers said.

With the midterms coming up, Seth Meyers noticed that former President Donald Trump is really focusing on the issues Americans care about, like “dead bird cemeteries.”

Trump revisited his years-long beef with wind turbines during a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, telling attendees: “If you want to see a dead bird cemetery, go under a windmill sometime. It’s not a pretty sight.”

“What do you mean, dead bird cemetery? Is there such a thing as an alive bird cemetery?” Meyers asked Tuesday on “Late Night.”

Meyers said Trump’s view of windmills was somehow getting creepier.

“He used to complain about them being ugly and noisy and now he’s basically the kid from ‘Stand By Me,’” Meyers said.

“I guess if I was Donald Trump and I was also under like 97 different criminal investigations, I too would be trying to draw America’s focus to the nation’s dead bird cemeteries,” he added.

Trump’s windmill obsession dates back to 2013 when the Scottish government approved plans to build a wind farm in view of Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort.

Watch more below on “Late Night”:

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