Jerry Springer Blames Media For Covering Trump's COVID-19 Briefings

The former talk show host said “there is no excuse" for covering the president's coronavirus meetings "now that we know what they’re like."

Jerry Springer says the media has “no excuse” for covering President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefings now that everyone knows what they’re like.

The former talk-show-host-turned-TV-judge griped about the briefings on the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “That’s So Cincinnati” podcast.

He didn’t mince words.

“There is no excuse, now that we know what they’re like, for just turning on the cameras,” Springer said, adding that the meetings should be covered by reporters, but not necessarily shown live.

“To just turn on the cameras on Trump for an hour and a half? That’s not journalism, that’s technology,” Springer said. “I blame the journalists for this.”

Springer said it made sense to cover the briefings live “for the first couple of days or maybe even weeks,” but said there’s no need “now that we see what the routine is.”

He elaborated: “Trump gets up there and spews his stuff, which is different every day and then ― finally! ― the doctors get up there and, basically, refute what he’s saying.”

As a result, Springer said the public is not being helped, and he predicted things could get worse.

“There are some people crazy enough to listen to the president and they’re the ones going out there spreading the disease,” he said.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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