OOPS! Eric Trump Freaks Out Over Dad’s Trial But Gets 1 Very Awkward Thing Wrong

A rant on Fox News from Donald Trump's son contained one glaring error.

Eric Trump’s latest defense of his dad, Donald Trump — who is currently on trial in his hush money case — went awry as he made one major mistake.

The Trump scion on Monday told Fox NewsSean Hannity: “Every time I watch my father walk into that courtroom it breaks my heart because [the Democrats] will stop at nothing […] to take the man down and no one believes this nonsense, right?”

Eric Trump complained about his four-times-indicted dad being brought to trial so close to the 2024 election and suggested, without evidence, that it was only because he was “winning in the polls” as presumptive GOP nominee.

Then he claimed, “My father was focused on running the United States of America, not bookkeeping, not that anything was done wrong in the bookkeeping.”

But Trump is charged with 34 felony counts over the alleged falsification of business records to cover up $130,000 paid to porn actor Stormy Daniels — before the 2016 election — so that she wouldn’t reveal an alleged affair.

In other words, the allegations stem from when Trump was not yet, as his son put it, “running the United States of America.”

Critics on X (formerly Twitter) highlighted that:

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