Jake Tapper Hits Ohio Republican With A Brutal Reminder On Abortion Votes

The CNN anchor checked Rep. Mike Turner as he reacted to Ohioans voting to codify abortion rights into their state constitution.

Jake Tapper flagged one post-Roe fact about abortion rights that Rep. Mike Turner (R-Ohio) couldn’t ignore as he weighed in on Ohio voters enshrining reproductive rights into the state’s constitution this week.

The CNN anchor asked the Republican for his two cents on Ohio’s passage of the ballot measure Issue 1, which allows abortion access up until fetal viability or around 24 weeks of pregnancy (with the exception of cases where a pregnant person’s health or life is at risk).

“Were you surprised at the results, and do you think your party is just out of touch on this issue from what the American people want?” asked Tapper, who once asked Turner about the “clownish” look of his party last month.

The ballot measure’s passage arrived on an Election Day that marked massive wins for Democrats including in the Kentucky governor’s race and races in the Virginia state Senate.

Turner told Tapper that he thinks what happened in his state is “unfortunate,” claiming “people outside” of Ohio wrote the state constitution’s provision.

“They have different goals and objectives, and I think many of them have values that don’t even represent the people who are voting to pass it,” said Turner.

“I think this is a very difficult debate that we’re having across the country to try to find that spot where people feel comfortable.”

Turner continued, noting that the ballot measure goes “too far” before Tapper reminded him how voters have weighed in on abortion rights since last summer.

“All due respect, seven out seven times since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, seven out of seven — people in states such as Montana and Kentucky and Ohio have voted in favor of abortion rights,” he said, adding, “and maybe you don’t like who wrote it, but Ohioans voted for it.”

You can check out Turner’s response in the clip below.

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